Real Time Data - Electric Water Heater compared to Heat Pump Water Heater (AquaSense)


Standard Electric Heater Water compared to AquaSense Heat Pump Water Heater:
The red line is plotted from data generated by a standard electric resistance water heater. The green line is from our high efficiency AquaSense heat pump water heater. Both water heaters are operating under identical conditions and load (more on testing condition and data logging). AquaSense requires only a fraction of the energy required by a standard water heater to do the same job. As a matter of fact, Aquasense is 10% to 15% more efficient than the best solar water heaters with a 75% solar fraction. The complexity, high cost and maintenance issues of solar water heaters just can't compete with AquaSense.


Ambient Air Temperature in Celsius (unheated room):
Note the negligible drop in ambient air temperature (1 to 2 degrees) when the AquaSense is running. To synchronize the two graphs, click the Zoom: "5d" in the upper left corner in each graph then mouse over the blue graphic to read the minute temperature fluctuations when the AquaSense is running. This serves to debunk the myth that in Northern climates a heat pump will rob the air of all the heat. The AquaSense Heat Pump Water Heater feeds on both latent and sensible heat. Since the moisture in the air is easier to convert to heat, the impact on the indoor temperature is mostly academic as the heat pump acts as an atmospheric moisture condenser (keeps relative humidity around 47%).