Thermodynamic Heat Pump Air Exchanger: the green investment!

Radon, pollutants, condensation and moisture are at the front stage of indoor air quality for residential and commercial environments. ThermalAir is the most energy efficient make-up air/exchanger on the market today. ThermalAir uses a high performance heat pump to increase the air quality of any structure and solve filtration, purification, moisture and fresh air make-up issues in retro and new construction. ThermalAir is also suitable for emergency situations, laboratories and confined places. ThermalAir increases comfort level more efficiently than any HVR and EVR appliances rated between 60-95%.

ThermalAir's user adjustable controller helps save energy and regulate air moisture. ThermalAir's patented thermodynamic technology exceeds 100% efficiency. ThermalAir has the capacity to extract  9,958 btu's of heat in cold months and blows the warm fresh air indoors. Conversely, during the summer cycle, ThermalAir provides 9,284 btu of heat rejection. What does it means? Competing recovery ventilators will save at best $0.95 for every dollar spent. By comparison, ThermalAir returns $3.90 in energy in heating mode and $7.10 in cooling mode while replacing 15,600 cubic feet of freshly oxygenated air every hour!. Atmospheric water from ThermalAir's condensate line is a free byproduct. Now that's green! 


Job Schedule Total BTUh Input Watts Sensible BTUh BTU Heat of ABS/Rej EER / COP
Cooling 6,284 879 6,284 9,284 7.1
Heating 9,958 749     3.9
Electric Data Blower Compressor
Voltage Phase / Hz Watts FLA RLA LRA
120 1 / 60 75 (2x) 0.7 (2x) 8 36
Max Fuse 15          
Blower Performance   Installed Weight
Ext Static Pressure I.W.G     LBS 130
CFM 260   KG 68.04
Dimensions: 38' X 15" X 13"    

Listed cETLus

Static pressure indoor/outdoors: balanced

Make-up Air: 15.600 cu.ft./hr

1 year components - 5 year refrigeration pack warranty

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